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Our Lady of the Assumption School
Financial Information and Obligations 2015-2016

Tuition is collected through FACTS Tuition Management Company          

  • All families need to sign up with FACTS Tuition Management Company -either on the 12 month schedule (July - June) or the 10 month schedule (July – April)
  • Choose from 2 due dates - either 5th or 20th of each month.
  • Checking or savings accounts can be used as a form of automatic payment.
  • FACTS also accepts Mastercard, American Express and Discover for a 2.75% convenience fee on the balance.
  • Families may opt to make two payments per month through FACTS - on both the 5th and the 20th. The twelve month schedule will, therefore, be twenty-four payments, the ten month schedule would be twenty payments. A fee of $45.00 will be paid to set up this service.
  • Existing families - If there are no changes in your existing account, you will be automatically enrolled and will be notified by FACTS when your payment will start.
  • New families - Turn in the FACTS application form together with a voided check to the school office immediately in order to start processing of your account indicating on the form the due date preferred. For joint accounts, please make sure that the responsible party and the person signing at the bottom is the same.
  • Credit card payments please call Mrs. Diego (ext. 207) at the school office to obtain the school account number for FACTS to credit your payments.

If any family is experiencing financial hardship which may prevent them from attending or returning to OLA, please contact Ms Boyle immediately.  Financial assistance may be available.

As an education ministry of OLA community, our families are served by OLA parish.  All school families are expected to be contributing financially and participating regularly in OLA parish mass and community events.

  10 mos.  12 mos.
One Child $ 4,999.00 $ 499.00 $ 416.59
Two Children 8,610.00 861.00 717.00
Three Children 12,075.00 1,207.50 1006.25
Four Children 14,700.00 1,470.00 1,225.00

We understand that our families live in many of the surrounding communities. However, we are a parish school sharing the parish facilities with many other parish ministries.  It is expected that the school families make regular Sunday contributions to support OLA parish operations. If you contribute to and are active members at another parish it is assumed that you will pay the non-parishioner rate. Proof of contribution at another parish may allow you to apply for OLA parishioner rate.  Non Parishioner rates are available on request.

Financial Obligations per child

Registration Fee $300.00  
First Communion Fee $50.00 (where applicable) due 2/29/2016
Graduation Fee
(8th grade)

due 5/5/2016 and does not include the end of the year day-away field trip

Additional Financial obligations per family

Raffle Tickets $275.00 due 3/24/2016
Service Hours 25 hours required or 500.00 buyout - due 4/29/2016
Scrip $300.00 in commision or buyout of $300.00 on or before 10/31/2015. (A $50.00 penallty will apply if commission is not met by 5/31/2016)

All children must wear the correct OLA school uniform. Some items are sold through the OLA school office.  Most items are sold by the DENNIS UNIFORM Company in Yorba Linda. Details are available online at - (OLA School Code - LA00EI)


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