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Pictures of Students at OLA
Kinder girl on slide
First Grader
School MassThird Grader
Fourth Grade at Lunch

Our Lady of the Assumption School

Where do OLA graduates go to college?

Boston University Katelyn Ortega (OLA ’06)
California Lutheran University Lauer (OLA ’04)
Cal State Channel Islands   Tiffany Dickinson (OLA ’05)
Cal State University Chico Denni Jo Berger (OLA '05)
Cal State Fullerton  Samantha Lawrence (OLA ’02)
  Sean Dominic Pilon (OLA '98)
Cal State Los Angeles    Monique Gutierrez (OLA ’03)
Cal State Pomona Diana Tran (OLA ’06)
Cal State San Bernardino    Nicole Buffum (OLA ’98)
Cal State San Jose   Sophie Peterson (OLA ’06)
Cal State San Morcos Melanie Jimenez (OLA ’06)
Chaffey College  Christina Cortez (OLA ’04)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University   Michael Brown (OLA ’06)
Fordham University - Bronx, NY Brian Cash (OLA '00)
Harvard University     James Rhodes (OLA ’98)
Hillsdale College, Michigan  Emmaline Epperson (OLA ’06)
Johns Hopkins University    Jacob Rode (OLA ’06)
Loyola Marymount University  Roxanne Gutierrez (OLA ’02)
  Lauren McKenna (OLA ’04)
  Jennifer Arreguin (OLA ’06)
New Mexico State University  Alexandra Capraro (OLA '08)
  Jake Capraro (OLA ’06)
Notre Dame, Indiana Wyatt Christiansen (OLA'08)
  Kevin Kho (OLA ’06)
Occidental University  David Sena (OLA ’01)
Ohio State University Bryan Ossa (OLA '06)
Pasadena City College  Rachel Ditlinger (OLA ’06)
Pennsylvania State University Ashley Leineweber (OLA ’06)
Pepperdine University  Jennaca Rode (OLA ’02)
Pitzer College     Carla Cortez (OLA ‘??)
Point Loma Jack Spohn (OLA '08)
Scripps College  Natalie Vigil (OLA ’04)
Stanford University         

Daniel Lamb (OLA ’96?)

St. Mary's College of California   Lauren Cash (OLA '05)
Swarthmore College Sasha Wijeyeratne (OLA ’04)
University of California Berkeley   Adam Buffum (OLA ’96)
University of California Irvine  Ben Rhodes (OLA ’00)
University of California Los Angeles   John Capraro (OLA ‘??)
University of California Riverside  RaeAn Medina (OLA ’06)
  Zachary Smith (OLA ’06)
University of California Santa Cruz Savannah Rudroff (OLA ’06)
University of LaVerne         Ashley Anderson (OLA ’06)
University of Mississippi Ricky McCloskey (OLA '08)
University of Oregon   Ashleigh Banks (OLA ’05)
  Spencer Petersen (OLA’06)
University of San Diego  Tara Buffum (OLA ’08)
  David Anthony Pilon (OLA '00)
University of Southern California   Nathan Cash (OLA '98)
  Alexandra Grabowski (OLA ’04)
  Sean Hernandez (OLA ’05)
  Elena Russell (OLA ‘06)
US. Naval Academy Holly Berger (OLA '04)
  Amy Epperson (OLA '08)


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